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PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap Application Development

PhoneGap is a free open source, cross-platform mobile application development framework that let Itflicker developers to create apps using standardized web API’s compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, Palm, BlackBerry and Symbian. PhoneGap app development is based on flexible technologies like CSS3, HTML and JavaScript and then easily combine them for multiple platforms in the cloud. Our PhoneGap app developers aim to lower the barrier of entry to creating PhoneGap applications. User can immediately preview their app on a device without installing SDK’s , registering devices or even without compiling code. PhoneGap currently supports development for the operating systems like Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Google Android etc. We are working with clients from America particularly California, New York, Texas and Florida. We have also developed mobile apps for clients in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Gulf Countries.


PhoneGap essentially wraps a Web view of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a native application. This is important because the Web view in an application does not inherently support device features like access to file system and camera. PhoneGap has a bridging mechanism that allows JavaScript running in the Web view to invoke native code contained in the application. PhoneGap comes complete with plugins to support device capabilities such as accelerometer, camera, contacts, file system, media playback and recording, network availability, barcode scanning, Bluetooth, push notifications, text to speech, calendars, Facebook Connect etc. The performance behaviour of PhoneGap is better than most of the other platforms offering multi-platform app development as it empowers expert developers to support native features and functionality in the application.