Quality Policy

The process of coding and designing is a tedious job due to the fact that a small mistake has the capability to waste a lot of time in finding it out. It could totally change the required behaviour and outcome of the whole project. DevBatch Quality Policy is very stringent. Every website, web application or mobile app we develop must pass our laid out quality policy.

Quality Analysis Expertise

  • Expert QA team to frame test requirements after the acquaintance of the project
  • Case studies and resolution of SRS system to magnify project clarity
  • Marking out the errors during project development process
  • Execution of testing components to analyse structural errors and debug them
  • Online testing dynamics to resolve on-air glitches which can get troublesome for clients
  • Post-launch testing to assure quality process throughout the project has been satisfactory
  • Hosting and network establishment check to ensure concrete online assistance of application
  • Rectification of client’s doubts through changes in quality check process

At DevBatch, quality check for the software, web, and mobile products is mandatory to undergo smooth running of the product on any specified platform. Quality Assurance process thus forms an integral part our development and deployment conducts.